Rob Cornes has been researching various subjects in the field of cryptozoology over the last 30 years but in particular the theory that a long-necked pinniped could have somehow evolved despite all the odds.

Gary Cunningham is co-author of The Mystery Animals of Ireland and has been visiting North West Ireland in the footsteps of Lionel Leslie, investigating the dobhar-chu and horse-eels of Connemara for over 20 years.

A Common Sense Approach?

There are undoubtedly still undiscovered animal species waitng to be found all over the world, but much of today`s cryptozoology discussion tends to revolve around regurgitated, often inaccurate information which in turn creates pseudo-creatures that don`t really exist. This affects the credibility of cryptozoology as a whole. We take a common-sense approach to aquatic cryptozoology, verifying information whenever possible and investigating both online and in the field.  As a result our research has revealed some surprising findings......

Silly pose of the authors on top of Erris Beg in Connemara 2018

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